Contracts are the paper that govern virtually every transaction your business is involved in. Whether its employee agreements, sales agreements, real estate leases, computer leases, financing agreements, or a host of other contractual agreements, your business deals with contracts every day. I have deep and broad experience drafting, negotiating and enforcing contracts of all types –within global business activities; and both large and small companies.

Whether you simply need a contract review or a completely new agreement, I can help you. Clients hire me to review their existing contract library (updating and aligning contracts) and or draft their newly needed contracts. Clients ask me to represent them, and negotiate best terms. By working together to ensure that my client’s needs are met, I help my clients achieve their contractual goals as well as protecting them from unforeseen consequences.

Preparing contracts for your business is an intricate process that takes not only legal know how but knowledge of and experience with the specific relationships the business entity will be engaged in. Some common contract examples Cooper can help with are as follows:

Key Employee Contracts

Employee contracts for businesses are extremely important and need to be drafted properly. There are basic elements required in the agreement related to the positions, requirements, and responsibilities. There are also details in the contract that will prevent the company from being sued and keep the employee(s) comfortable in the work-place environment.

Examples of what should go into an employee contract are:

  • Employees job responsibilities
  • Compensation packages
  • Performance reviews
  • Pay increases
  • Rights of employee and employer
  • Nondisclosure agreement
  • Non-Compete agreement

I have been personally involved in employee matters, during my entire career –both within small employee teams and within large international employee divisions. I love to help businesses with their most important assets, their employees.

Partner and Vendor relationships

Partner and vendor relationship management is a part of a business strategy that incorporates a set of tools, technologies and services. Making contracts that provide a win for you and a win for your partners and vendors is a wise investment. They not only become a repeat customer for you, but often will begin referring their customers and friends and family to you.

I help businesses get the most out of their partner and vendor relationships while making sure all the legal attributes are in the necessary contracts and are clearly stated and dated to avoid any confusion or legal problems that could arise.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions between companies can be extremely tricky, especially when the two sides are figuring out legal issues like leadership, clients, employees, computing systems, real assets, chattels, IP assets, compensation and equity, etc. Each party involved is looking to protect their own best interest –and because those interests almost always conflict, I have repeatedly been hired to provide experienced counsel to M&A parties –helping them profitably navigate the rough spots. I am experienced in transacting successful Merger & Acquisition events  –having sold and bought multi-million dollar companies more than a dozen times in the U.S., Europe, UK, and India.

Once the terms have been struck, there must be a sustained shift of emphasis and importance from the two parties’ self interest -toward integrating the newly ‘would-be-combined’ companies into a blended, stronger positioned, more valuable and single focused company. This is the critical stage when proven M&A expertise is a MUST HAVE, or it may all fall apart in shambles. I provide proven M&A expertise to my clients, and have also successfully bought and sold a dozen public and private companies with stellar integration results and profits surpassing pro-forma plans. My track record is much better than most, much higher priced M&A lawyers.

Asset Protection Strategies

Asset protection is a carefully crafted set of legal and business techniques that protect and shield many, or all, of your business assets from liability. As I help create the strategy behind how a business is formed and or managed, I always help my clients construct the proper elements and structure of their asset protection plan.