Bruce Armstrong, President

Keys Hospitality, LLC / Hotel Owners

I retained Kim as our lawyer specifically because of his experience and expertise in corporate law and startups.  Kim has performed extremely well in helping us get our corporate documentation in order for several Limited Liability Companies.  Not only are we better protected than before, but our investors feel more comfortable with the more robust organizational documents that Kim has created for our company(ies).

While Kim was able to handle our corporate organizational needs with efficiency and proficiency, I was especially pleased that he was able to meet a wide variety of legal needs including collections, real estate and conduit financing negotiations.  I didn’t need to go to a different lawyer for our varying business needs.  Kim has added a level of competency to our business organizations equal in scope and quality to what one would expect to see from a much larger law business firm.  It is with his work quality in mind that I enthusiastically recommend Kim.


Russell Thornton, Founder & CTO

Amber Alert GPS

I worked with Kim during the early stages at Venafi. Kim was experienced and instrumental in structuring our strategic corporate sales channels and enterprise alliances.  As a startup and negotiating with several large public companies, Kim’s background and expertise in structuring enterprise contracts was invaluable.

Kim has my highest recommendation both ethically and in corporate business affairs. He was an asset to the team at Venafi. His extensive business background and legal credentials helped give our unique needs both a business upside perspective and legal structure that was key to our growth!