Providing seasoned expert legal counsel and representation and sibling-like care and devotion to each individual and business client is the reason I formed Exceed Law. My dedication to serving and supporting the client relationship underlies everything I do. I never forget that my clients, just like me, are real people facing real-world challenges and opportunities. This single-minded focus on my clients as people is what enables me to build strong, trustworthy and lasting relationships with them.

I was raised on a small dry farm a few miles outside a little village in Idaho. I learned hard work, honest ethics, and responsibility on the farm. I attended law school at Brigham Young University, and focused my legal studies on corporate and intellectual property law. I spent the next twenty-five years working as a corporate businessman and a business lawyer within diverse and successful companies.

I am a hard-working savvy lawyer who delivers results. But more importantly, I treat my clients like family members and my foremost desire as a lawyer is to exceed my clients’ expectations.

So how can I help you today?